So who am I?

I am a musician, teacher and tech enthusiast. That’s the short version at least!

I play guitar for a Progressive Power Metal band called Severed Head. As of 2013 we’ve been making music for a decade, with no signs of stopping any time soon! (even though we have a trail of Ex-Members to make even Spinal Tap jealous!)

By day I am a teacher. Currently teaching guitar privately and soon -as long as as I pass my PGCE course this year- a music teacher at secondary level. I’ve worked for a long time, over a lot of years, to finally get to this stage and I reckon I am pretty good at my job!

Finally we have the tech side. I am a gamer and lover of technology. I am -at heart- a PC man. I have an Xbox 360 (that rarely gets turned on) and a tablet (Android, of course!) but nothing lets me indulge in the tweaking, fiddling or creation like PC does. Not only do I build PCs and play on them but I also have a finger in the game development pie. It’s for fun more than serious but it is something that I am passionate about!

I hope you enjoy the content on this blog and do please feel free to comment. I love dialogue with other Humans!


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