Personal Musings: What Kind of Love – Part 2 – The Reckoning!

Howdy folks, been a rather long time since I posted anything but I have been pondering – Dangerous I know! – and have decided to post my thoughts and opinions on this… Weirdly I have something already on these lines on here and I even gave it the same title as I was going to call this one ergo this is a Part 2 of What Kind of Love. Pardon the overly dramatic title but it just felt far too much like a Movie title to resist.

So what is in my head that I need to get off my chest? Funny I should mention chest because it is that ol’ beating heart that is the source of my considerations and mental wanderings. It is purely a question of love. I say a question, I feel I already have an answer but for the sake of science I shall go as far as to present both sides of the, for the sake of argument lets call it an, argument.

I feel there are two concepts of love. The all inclusive, all combined form of love where you may feel one part or so of the greater one thing. Then we have the segregated forms of love which is more based on the ‘event’ upon you use the term.

Let me elaborate and look at several examples with both forms. I love my family. I love my friends. I love my LEGO. I love steak. I love my guitars. So lets look at these with the latter concept.

I love my family. I love my friends. I love them all very much. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t love all my family nor all my friends. But I do love many of them, and and extraordinary amount. However, with segregation of forms of love it would mean that I love my family and I love my friends differently. They are a definite full stop between them and not a comma. They are two different entities and thus are within my heart as separate entities in the same way I would catalogue my LEGO (Heads go here, wheels go here, what’s that pesky hat doing in with the sharks?!) and so I would see them as different. Maybe react differently to them both in isolation and when combined. Possibly looking at it from a more personalised approach so that rather than blanket family as one kind of love have different ones depending on the person.

I love my LEGO. I love steak. So we have two things which people may argue aren’t things you can love because they are precisely that. Things. Does this mean you cannot love a thing? What could you quantify as a love-able and non love-able thing? Are all none living things just unloved things? Can something be loved even though it does not feel the warmth of blood beat around its body? Personally, I say yes! “Things” can very much be loved. So again while they can be loved should they be separate like people? I love my LEGO. I am surrounded by it. Just within reach I have the Hulk, Scarlet Witch, Hulkbuster, Ultron, Iron Man, two Jawa’s, R5-D4, a carpenter, Rock Star, Dinohunter, Punk Rocker, Lumberjack, Video Game Guy, Ultimate Spiderman, Carnage, and the LEGO Death Star! That is without the boxes near me, or the shelves dedicated to my collection. Why do I have so much?! Because I love it. It makes me feel happy and joyous and I look after it and care about it in a way that could only be described as love. What about steak? Well, have you ever eaten the stuff?! What else could you describe it as other than love?! I mean, come on!!

I love my guitars. I have kind of already touched on this with part 1 (which was never named as such as it was a one-shot!!) but my guitars are much more than things. My PRS especially. No way can you put that much feeling, emotion, joy and pain into something without you gaining a physical and emotional connection that can only be described as love. So should I love my guitar in a different way to say, my best friends? My family? My girlfriend? (jokes! I don’t have one, but you get the idea!)

Personally. I say no. No I do not love things differently.

I love my family, I love my friends, I love my LEGO, I love steak and I love my guitars. All as one. Everything in my heart is in my heart. Not put into places. Does that make it chaotic? Does this mean that things are more fluid? Yeah, I think it does. If something manages to worm its way into my heart then I love it for whatever it is and with all of me. For me, breaking things into pieces means that they are less than the whole. How can you truly and purely love something, or someone, if you break things down into neat little packages? Now, this is where things might get a little messy so bare with me please. Does that mean I love everything the same way? Well, no. I might love steak but I’d never LOVE steak, if you get my meaning! But it is with the same passion as I love my friends or my guitars and I think that is the most important distinction between loving as a whole and loving as dissociate collectives. I think if you give the same kind of devotion and passion to all things you love then you love as a whole. If you love everything differently then you love separately.

Can both be separate? Can there be two -or possibly even more!- concepts of love? I think that yes, because people are different. People feel things differently and that is okay. Does it make me feel differently if someone loves me the opposite to me? Kind of. If I am giving myself but am not getting that in return it does hurt. And I know I love several people who are exactly like this. I get a different kind of love back. If that could be called love at all (another debate for another day I thing!). So should I stop loving them? Well, no! I love because I have a lot of it to give and I have a lot of tolerance for people and their differences.

Conveniently Gary Moore’s (whose music I love!) I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know has come on my random playlist, and I think it is a good soundtrack to the concept of love. Does it truly matter as long as you love?

… For me, it is the beginning and the end of all things. “Without love we are bird with broken wings” – Morrie Schwartz


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