30 years of being me!

So… Somehow I managed to make it to 30… It was a little touch and go at times, had some of the best and worst times of my life over the last 10 years. It seems like a scarily short amount of time since turning 20 to turning 30.

If you’d have told a 20 year old Darren that he’d be a music teacher, owning many very beautiful guitars and having many wonderful and amazing friends and family in my life, he’d have laughed at you and then probably hidden in a corner to avoid eye contact.

So what’s happened? Well! I have had the honour of performing in several countries around the world, I have a small army of guitars -super high quality guitars, not just cheapies!-, I have build several computers for myself and even more for friends and family, learned to play a few new instruments, sang live (that was a pretty big one for me!), got to see a plethora of amazing bands live -both professional bands, semi-professional and friends bands!- as well as perform live with a few, been engaged, moved out, moved back in, went to University (twice!), met at least one person at each who have become incredibly close and who mean the world to me (which makes one friend from each stage of education!), actually got into some sport, learnt to drive (before middle October this year I had NEVER driven in my life), and I now get to teach kids music as my career!

That’s the quick summary although there is SO much more stuff and a ton more detail I could go into about each part. However, I won’t! The most interesting thing I’ve found over the last 10 years is how much I’ve had to grow as a person. You find out what you’re truly made of through adversity and I feel had more than my fair share over the years! While the person I used to be is long gone I have grown to accept the person that I am and be confident with this. I am nowhere near perfect, and pretty broken but I am a pretty damn good guy to know! I wouldn’t have so many amazing people in my life who actually WANT me in their lives.

Am I where I thought I’d be at 30? No. In fact nowhere near where I hoped to be as I am single, without kids, and only just embarking on my career as a classroom teacher. However, if I would have made different choices I wouldn’t have met most of the people in my life and while I would love to have a family of my own (I would be an AWESOME dad!!) I wouldn’t trade my friends for the world. I am the best I can be because of them!

Ergo this next 10 years. Time to start a family! ONWARDS!!