It’s A Landmark!! Coming of Age!

Yay! Party ‘n stuff! My blog is 21… By that I mean has 21 posts! Thus this will be a more upbeat waffle rather than my usual waffley waffle. Pretty surprised managed to keep this semi-going as far as I have. I get sidetracked or bogged down by other stuff, however, this has been really nice to just write. I don’t get to anymore. Used to write absolutely loads, hell I did NaNoWriMo for 5 years which was hella fun. I miss getting to full on write. Closest I’ve got is when I am writing for a game of which I have a few in the pipeline, both story driven and emergent storytelling which I’ve really enjoyed creating but they take a lot of time and I seriously lack in that right now!

Anyway, glad to have you folks around who have been reading, it’s nice to have a few peeps reading along. It’s nice to see what other blog-land people are up to as well, it’s nice to see the world from a little further than my own little bubble. Especially being an ITT, seem to spend my whole life working as I don’t even get to see the news anymore!

All in all heres to many more blog posts. Expect one on Thursday from my shiney new (Windows 8…) Laptop! There will be a review of both the lappy and of Within Temptation/Delain whom will be seeing tomorrow evening. METAAAAL \../

Keep it Awesome people!


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