Formula 1: 2013 ramblings.

So the Formula 1 season finished yesterday. 19 races throughout the world, 23 drivers throughout the season and the end of an era.

Yesterday was a day of goodbyes for the sport. Goodbye to the awesome V8s that we’ve heard for so many years. My main team –Lotus F1- said goodbye to Kimi even if he wasn’t at the last two races. And the most sad; we said Goodbye to Mark Webber.

I admit I’ve always had a super soft spot for Marky. He’s never exactly had things easy, nor has he had things his own way but he’s been their fighting for 215 races over 12 years. He led the World Championship for a while too, until Red Bull gave in to Vettel and Webber mysteriously had several retirements with car problems… Anyway, a mighty sad farewell to an honourary Brit and all round nice guy Mark Webber.

A real pity that the season was a bit of a washout… In the case of the first qualifying of the year literally! There was a fight on for the first quarter of the year as the tyres were massive. Some teams got it perfectly right and were doing fantastic and then everything kicked off with tyres exploding. Because of this the compounds changed and it effectively handed the entire season to Vettel. Many of the midfield who really worked hard on designing a car around the tyres were caught short with the change. Because of the massive rule changes and engine changes for next year most of the midfield just gave up, as did some of the top teams as Vettel started to run away so they just pumped more resources into next year’s cars.

Next year should be a super interesting year. V6 Turbos are coming into the sport, massive chassis changes and two or three brand new races on the calendar. Plus a load of new drivers and driver changes (PLEEEEEASE let Lotus get Hulkenburg!!) so hoping the 110 days until the Australian goes fairly quickly (but not too quickly! PGCE is fast enough as it is!) and I am hoping for a considerably better season next year… Just hoping that Vettel doesn’t just run away with it again next time!