Rezzed – A Real Gaming Show!


Welcome to a special Post-Rezzed Blog Post! What did I learn about PC gaming from today? That the indie scene is amazing, that the Oculus Rift is insane (even if the queues were too long for me to get a play), that Chris Avellone is one of the nicest men in the WORLD –and also has massively muscley arms!-, that The Chaos Engine is actually as hard as I remembered even 20 years on and that PC gaming is just the best and really is Absolutely Amazing!

More detail you say? Well, go on then! –

Project Zomboid – Pretty much the first place I went and spent anytime. The new build is looking amazing. Local Multiplayer is in, a whole three game modes are in, a new location which looks REALLY beautiful is in –the art team really have out done themselves- and the whole UI is just much smoother now. They’ve come a long way from the early alphas of last year! Impressive work. Plus they are all really lovely people to talk to.

Democracy 3/Redshirt – Both coming from Postitech games, even if Redshirt isn’t made by Cliff, and are both looking fantastic. Democracy 3 puts you in the position of Head of State and comprises of lots of spreadsheets and information and numbers! My kind of game! Redshirt is a cross between Kudos and FTL with Star Trek and Red Dwarf mixed in. Super interesting and awesome fun! Plus I got to chat to Cliff Harris (sole man behind games like the Democracy and Kudos games as well as Gratuitous Space Battles) which was really awesome. Super nice guy and a bit of a hero of mine 😀

Team 17 – It’s friggin’ Team 17!! Worms: Clan Wars is just beautiful. Seriously! It is a beautiful looking game and Superfrog HD is looking good… Alas Superfrog HD was the biggest let down for me as it didn’t look especially crisp, especially the animation *BUT* they are still working on the game so that is understandable and I will reserve proper judgement although I hoped for a stronger showing as it was the first showing of the game. (Didn’t stop me buying a Super Sheep plushy and a T-shirt though!)

Surgeon Simulator 2013 – So far the only game that I have bought after seeing it as Rezzed –downloading as we speak in fact!- because it was just ABSOLUTELY hilarious to watch other people playing it. I watched a Scouse chap play it for 20 minutes because he was Amazingly Bad at it but so damn funny with it. My sides genuinely hurt afterwards and frankly they deserve my money JUST for that! Plus it is just an interesting game and really one of the marvels of PC gaming is it can –and does!- exist!

The Chaos Engine – It’s THE CHAOS ENGINE!!

Frozen Endzone – It wasn’t there to play but a panel by Mode 7 talked about the game in detail and seems a really solid sports game mashed together with Frozen Synapse. Impressive stuff, well worth keeping an eye on this one folks!

Wildstar – Hmmm, not sure what to make on this one. It looked pretty good, with interesting combat mechanics, however it seemed a little too World of Warcraft for me. Also it is published by NC Soft who I still have a massive grudge against for them killing City of Heroes. Speaking of City of Heroes I wore my City of Villains shirt which got no-one else than the guy behind War of the Overworld to come over and talk to me… HE CAME TO ME!! Amazing!! Also asking if I wanted to join him and a few other peeps from the team for a drink. Alas time was against me but it shows the power of City of Heroes which is still very much missed.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted – Interesting idea, interesting world, interesting game. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it turns out but it seems pretty good. Plus all the guys were dressed in period attire which was awesome!

The Rest – So Space Hulk, Total War: Rome II, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Company of Heroes 2 and PlanetSide 2 were all there. Frankly Company of Heroes 2 annoys me *just* because of the massively intrusive advert over on, Rome looked pretty good, more of the same alas, and the others seemed really Meh compared to the other games on show, especially against the incredible indies there! Although, I will say I am very interested in giving PlanetSide 2 a go, that looked a blast.

Finally the panels. Started with ‘How can new business models improve PC gaming?’ which was a round table discussion with Chris Delay, Mark Morris (both of Introversion Software –I haven’t mentioned Prison Architect as I can check it out anytime I like and I had other games to look at!), Paul Taylor (mode 7), Chris Avellone (if I need to say who he has worked at go and get an education in RPGs!) and Ragnar Tornquist (of Red Thread Games –he is famous for the Dreamfall saga) which was a very entertaining talk. You can check out the full thing on the internets –I believe it is now on YouTube)- and I highly recommend it, just a word of warning, there are a few naughty words!

Next I saw was A look back at Frozen Synapse and a look forward to Frozen Endzone which was Paul Taylor and Ian Hardingham from Mode 7. Very interesting and insightful look at what they learned from the process of Frozen Synapse and how it has applied to their current game.

The last panel I saw ended up starting 20 minutes late and was on Project Eternity. This one was Obsidian Entertainments very own Living Legend Chris Avellone and all I can say is this… Now I have tried not to swear on here and to be a bit more professional but… FUCK!! Why the CRAP didn’t I back this game on Kickstarter! Dammit! Absolutely beautiful game and the detail that he went into about the dev process was amazing. Very inspirational.

All in all, a wonderful day spent around PC gamers, developers and fans. Also, to finish with because it is true. Cara Ellison from RPS, PC Gamer, Unwinnable and the Guardian is Super Cute in the flesh!

On that note I am going to go and open a mans chest and replace his heart with a hammer, scalpel and wristwatch… Then I will play Surgeon Simulator 2013!



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