Ten Years of Severed Head \../

(Quick bit of Background – I am the guitarist for Severed Head. When we started there were two guitarists, however, within a few years I ended up the sole guitarist. More pressure but more freedom. Plus with a keyboard player like Pete, especially with how amazingly well we work together and bounce off of each other, being the sole axe-wielder isn’t such a detriment to the band!)

Ten years ago, nearing the last days of College, I got asked a question. Pete, keyboard player who worked with many times at College and all around awesome guy, asked me to join a band. I happened to be the first person he bumped in to about it. I enjoyed working with him and so I said yes.

Ten years have passed and Pete and I are still in said band. Known in the early days as Pete and the Whiskey Samurai, and with an entirely different line-up, and now celebrating our tenth birthday figured it’s about time for a brief write-up of some of the ups and downs of the ten year history of Severed Head.

Over the years we’ve had some bad luck, both from personal reasons and as a band. We’ve had a string of drummers, bassists and singers. However, at the very core, Pete and I have remained constant. By the end of 2006 we had and lost three drummers (to my memory), two bassists and a singer. We’d been an instrumental group for a while simply due to lack of singists! Everything was going well, some of the songs we still play today were written during this period, and then one practice our drummer just didn’t turn up. He continued not turning up although nothing was ever said.

Pete and I were not especially happy about this –as you could imagine!- but we did manage to write one of our most aggressive and the most ‘Severed Head’ of our songs. Endless Night came in to existence and is still the epitome of what the band are about. It has the heaviness, the softer side, the crazy large solos and the energy and punch that makes us what we are.

And then Dene appeared. Probably the most important moment in the first five years of the band. We also got our second singer , Laura, who along with Dene left the band in 2009. Dene returned to us in 2012 after another two drummers and a bassist had come and gone. However, we also found ourselves a new singer and a bassist. Sammy and Nathan respectively.

We now have the most solid band we’ve ever had. Instrumentally we’ve all come a massively long way from the early days, compositionally we now have two Uni-Graduates who did composition as well as a ‘Master of Composition’ in Sammy, and the most awesome rhythm section we could ever have hoped for.

This Sunday we play our tenth anniversary concert and I most seriously cannot wait.


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