Minecraft: Part One – Why So Good?!

Greetings fellow humans,

I bid you welcome from a stone house belonging to Thilda and Wilhelm Gildwin, although I am only in here because they currently are not.

For you see I am playing Minecraft. Many months had passed since my last exploration in to the Sandbox worlds and I had forgotten why I used to love playing it. Obviously now I have this little blog to ponder on my thoughts I figured now -while I wait for daylight to appear so I can continue exploring with Colombieres le-bourg Gros Bourg (Population: 9) as a Base- would be a good time.

So what makes Minecraft such a damn good game? Well for me we need to start… At the start! The Creative mode demo that appeared while the game was since classed as Alpha. I had heard a lot about the game but figured it would be terrible but there is a demo and demos are free… Ergo I had a quick play… Immediately I found that it was like playing with LEGO but without all the fun things to make a creation that is practical as well as Awesome. So I paid to join the Alpha of Minecraft, I cannot remember what version it was exactly but I remember I loved playing it a lot in the survival mode. For many months I enjoyed creating things, especially with the new Stuff that was being released almost constantly.

The game started to grow it, and it helped that I was part of this growing experience, not just the gamer at the end of the development with all of the tools but part of that organic growth. Now the game is as different as the Creative Demo version was to that alpha. Importantly Mods have grown and are a massive part of the game.

A perfect Mod example is right now… Day had came and I’d done some stuff and built a crude shelter which I am waiting in, but there are three small villages near where I have put my base. These villages contain people doing jobs, and left to their own devices will eventually -hopefully- let the town expand. However my player can step in and help, and get paid for helping!

This mod is called Millenaire and it is the single largest reason I still play the game. One game I decided that I was going to find a Hindi village and live there. I started in a crude wooden hunt by a lake and slowly built up trust until I could buy a brick mould so that I could create my own “mud” bricks, I then built a grand house made from these bricks. It took a VERY long time but it was worth it for the knowledge that I did this. The world I am currently playing has three villages in close proximity so this is new, especially now that villages can gain/lose favour and eventually be attacked… I guess I need to pick a “home” and then try and help it build up.

All in all, after all this time I still love the game because it is dynamic, evolving and always throws something new my way. Like Civilization V. However, because the worlds are randomly created you end up getting some truly beautiful landscapes such as these few gems from my current world that I’ve been playing for about an hour…

... It's a waterfall!

… It’s a waterfall!

Scary as hell but also very, very beautiful.

Scary as hell but also very, very beautiful.

A natural water and lava-fall. Beautiful but deadly.

A natural water and lava-fall. Beautiful but deadly.

My favourite weather :D

My favourite weather 😀

I loved this spot so a little terraforming to join the waterfall and lake.

I loved this spot so a little terraforming to join the waterfall and lake.


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