Hello World – Mk. II

Hello World – Mk. II

Greetings and salutations!

As this is my first blog post (here on WordPress!) it makes sense to introduce myself, what I do and what I enjoy babbling about!

Howdy! I am known throughout the (Interweb) Lands as Justice, usually either the Severed or the ForNone type. Although, obviously, my friends do not call me by such preposterous name. They all call be Ol’ Iron Balls… Erm, or just Darren.Usually it is just Darren (no relation to Just Harry) and I am the guitar player for Prog Power Metal band Severed Head and have been for a decade.

Obviously a man cannot feast solely on Prog Power, and thus I also teach, play, perform (there are differences between those two!), write and compose music, mostly guitar based but also some synthy video-game-style electronic stuff. What a beautiful segue, almost like it was planned, eh? I also (try to) create video games in what spare time I have. Working on two prototypes right now, one an RPG based moral game and the other a musical exploration game.

Not only do I enjoy making games but I love playing games and I have a rather wide range of games that I play. We’ll discuss this another time but there are a lot! Of course to get the best out of a game you need to get the best out of your play setup. Due to this I am a PC Gamer, my current computer setup (Dr. Beasty V1.5) has been hand built by the same hands that game and make music. These are pretty talented hands here folks! Even if they do crack and snap a lot!

So what can you expect here? Music talk, gaming talk, probably reviews on stuff I play/read/watch/enjoy, as well as my thoughts on anything to do with the world of technology. Feel free to comment with whatever you feel. I am certainly open to other peoples opinions even if they differ!

Keep it Awesome out there! ../

I’ll be migrating a lot of the content from my other Blog over here as things didn’t especially work out that well over there. Thus be prepared for A WALL OF TEXT! Oh yeah!


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